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Enabling professional care through technology

RGS Care is a remote monitoring solution that drives greater understanding of your resident, their routine and the environment around them.

Daily reports give you the most important information at a glance, and alerts notify you immediately if anything out of the ordinary happens.


This allows you to prioritise your workload, making evidence-based decisions that enable you to provide an optimal level of care for your resident and most effectively meet their needs.

Intelligent insight from a

single device


Sleeping patterns

Nutritional habits

General movement and activity patterns

Comparing movement and routine before and after hospital visits

Monitoring the effect of medication

Environmental condition analysis

Matching the residents perception of what is happening with reality

How does it work?

User stories

RGS Care Solution
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Customer reviews

"I think RGS Care is fantastic! It has allowed me to open up conversations around the resident’s concerns with health professionals and the worries they have with accepting support. They were insisting they were fine, when really they weren’t."

- Carer

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