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The Solution

RGS Care enables staff to build a more accurate image of the residents in their care and understand the issues affecting each individual. The solution comprises a multi-sensor device, an online dashboard, as well as reporting and alerting functionalities.


The devices are battery powered and submit data via radio. This means no mains power or wifi connection is required and installing the devices is as simple as placing them on a flat surface. 


Each device measures 11 data points and submits these to the RGS Care Dashboard, where users are able to view and analyse the information they are gathering.

The Devices


The Dashboard

The RGS Care Dashboard displays all the information collected via the multi-sensor devices on your internet browser. Dashboards are fully customisable, allowing the care team to focus on the issues relevant to their use-case and hone in on specific time frames.

Our share function allows you to share relevant information with family members, giving them peace of mind that their loved ones are in good hands.


We understand that time constraints mean you may not always have the opportunity to log in and analyse the dashboards, and for this reason we created out reporting and alerting functions. 


Our daily reports help prioritise your work for the day and enable you to see at a glance the biggest issues from the last 24 hours. In addition, customised reports can be used to document your work with a resident over specified time periods and on a case-by-case basis. 

Automatic alerts let you know when anything out of the ordinary happens or when there are any significant changes, allowing you to react at speed before problems escalate. 


Reports and Alerts

Understanding the data

Gathering insightful data is fantastic, but alone it is not enough. What is more important is to understand what it means in your context, so you act upon it to effect real, positive change. The RGS Care team works with you to ensure you can deliver value to your clients every step of the way.

RGS Care gives you insight into the following areas:

Air quality

Three different air quality sensors allow you to maintain optimum indoor air quality for your resident. Air quality can affect respiratory tract issues, drowsiness and is a key indicator of poor ventilation or pollution.

Light and sound

 Understanding light and sound patterns enables you to gain an accurate picture of your resident's routine, as well as having key impacts on how well they sleep.


Monitoring movement gives you insight into how active your resident is, and at what times of the day most activity is observed. Any changes in movement levels or night time movement are easily detected.


Thermal comfort is a key factor for older adults, especially at times of extreme temperatures.

Device commands and interaction

Each device is enabled with a programmable button that allows residents to send out pre-recorded messages, as well as informing you how much of an impact the device is having on the resident.

Get started with your RGS Care devices

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